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 Martech's Watchdog2 has been developed to meet the latest BS9251-2021 requirement for fire sprinkler system integrity and maintenance. The Watchdog2 is a complete control system that connects sensors, pumps and valves to create a fully integrated fire sprinkler control system, and draws on a wealth of experience of designing and manufacturing sprinkler controllers.

Key features include:

  • BS9251-2021 Compliance
  • Fully automated weekly system test
  • Easy set up and configuration
  • Failsafe operation

Inputs for:

  • Dual pressure sensors
  • Flow sensor
  • Low water sensor

Outputs for:

  • Pump
  • Diverter valve
  • Fire/Fault/Low water alarms
  • Compatible with most auto-diallers


Watchdog2 Stockists: 

3 Core Limited


During normal operation Watchdog2 constantly monitors all inputs looking for changes in pressure or flow. A drop in pressure on any pressure switch will cause the pump to initially run in jockey-mode to re-pressurise the system (i.e. for a slow leak) before switching to fire mode if pressure is not reinstated. Activation of the flow sensor at any time will trigger fire mode immediately.

Watchdog2 automatically runs a regular system test (normally weekly) by opening the diverter valve to reduce pressure, checking operation of both pressure switches and running the pump to reinstate pressure.

Setting up is extremely easy, requiring NO configuration to be carried out on-site (where default settings are used). For more advanced installations, settings can be configured remotely and uploaded via a USB memory stick.

LED indicators on the Watchdog2 front panel show key system status.

Diagnostic Mode

To aid installation and configuration Watchdog2 can be put into a diagnostic mode, allowing sensors and inputs to be monitored without it switching into fire mode.

Two push buttons on the front panel are used to initiate manual test and to stop the system when fire mode is triggered.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Watchdog2 complies with all safety requirements, and gives peace of mind that the fire safety system is in full working order.

Martech Fire Sprinkler Watchdog2 Datasheet


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