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Original Martech Fire Sprinkler Pump (2013-2022) - Obsolete

The Original Martech Sprinkler Pump Watchdog was developed drawing on a wealth of experience in fire sprinkler installation. Incorporating micro-processor control, the Original Martech Sprinkler Pump Watchdog performs the following key functions:

Key features include:

    • Automatic period pump test
    • Check for pump failure
    • Routine maintenance reminder
    • Auto-dialler connection

During normal operation the Watchdog automatically runs the pump periodically (typically every week) and measures key parameters to check the pumps performance and health helping to to ensure the fire sprinkler system is fully operational when it matters.


Information to help with the maintenance of the Original Maretch Sprinkler Pump Watchdog:

Operation & Fault Finding Information

Download Brochure

Download User Manual (Iss 6 July 2017)

Download CE Certificate

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