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PCB Board showing Martech's electrical engineering capability with printed circuit boards (PCB)

Electronic Design

Martech is an expert in digital and analogue electronic design and works with a wide range of technologies, including FPGA, Microcontroller, DSP, and discrete hardware.

With a strong background in defence research, we have honed our knowledge and expertise in analogue data acquisition and signal processing, including experience in designing sonar and acoustic systems. Our adaptability shines through our ability to integrate off-the-shelf hardware, such as National Instruments, and our skill in developing custom interfaces when no other solution is available. Complementing our manufacturing and support services, we demonstrate our versatility by redesigning and reverse engineering existing hardware to overcome obsolescence in legacy systems.

We work with start-ups, OEM's and small businesses designing their schematics, PCB layouts, firmware and software from high level specifications to finishing mature projects.  

Coda Octopus Martech can also design bespoke electronic test equipment for products or production lines.

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