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  • Special test console next to military vehicle
  • Test solution panel for British Army Foxhound vehicle

Military Vehicle Test Equipment

The original test console, a crucial tool in the testing process, was designed and manufactured by Coda Octopus Martech for FPE's Foxhound vehicle. It allows the electrical systems on the pod or vehicle cab to be thoroughly tested in isolation before integration with the chassis, ensuring the highest level of performance.

The test console is designed for direct connection to the cab electrical interface, making it a convenient tool. It mirrors the chassis electrics, so when a button is pressed in the cab, such as to activate headlights, the corresponding LED on the console lights up. 

One of the console's key features is its ability to simulate various sensors. For instance, when a switch on the console is toggled to simulate an 'oil pressure warning', the relevant light on the dashboard illuminates, showcasing the console's versatility. 

The consoles have grown in capability to undertake more complex vehicle electronics. In cases where wiring is needed for simulators for ABS braking, steering systems, and CANbus-based hardware,

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