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  • Eurofighter Typhoon jet with a chemical decontamination unit designed and manufactured by martech for aircraft ground control system. Also showing the control panel for a towed decoy test set

Chemical Decontamination Unit (CDU) for Eurofighter Typhoon

 Developed for the Eurofighter Typhoon UK fighter. Coda Octopus Martech chemical decontamiation unit (CDU) was designed to allow sensitive equipment such as electronic systems, pilot's headgear and other personal items to be comprehensively decontaminated after exposure to chemical agents. 

In service with the RAF and Italian Air Forces.

Working with a leading defence prime and DSTL Porton Down. Coda Octopus Martech designed and built the Chemical Decontamination Unit to very high fit for military specification.

Coda Octopus Martech is an approved DSTL supplier. With all staff are security cleared and our premises compling with the MoD’s security requirements.


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  • Militarised construction
  • Air transportable
  • Compatible with standard chemical filters
  • Fully qualified and independently tested
  • Controlled accelerated weathering process
  • Warms and gently draws-off contaminants
  • Minimal operator training
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