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Pump Controller for the Fire Sprinkler Industry and More......

A custom designed hardware and software solution based around a 32bit PIC microcontroller with USB interface, on-board LCD display LED's and a simple menu-driven user-interface, the controller hardware is a cost-effective, compact single-board system.

With over 5,000 boards produced, our controller is the backbone of Martech's Watchdog2 product but easily adapted and customised for a wide range of other applications.





  • I/O includes multiple mains voltage relays for pumps and valves
  • Inputs for closures and switches
  • 4-20mA analogue sensors
  • Serial I/O is available for self-test and expansion purposes.
  • Additional volt-free closure outputs enable connection to alarms and other systems.
  • On-board and off-board current sensing up to 200A is available as an option.



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