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Tachometer Tester

Martech's bench-top 17074-1 Tachometer Tester is a simple and fast instrument for the testing and calibration of electrical and mechanical tachometer generators and indicators.

The 17074-1 Tachometer Tester is compatible with industry-standard AN pad flange mounted tachometers, with ¼ square drive for quick and easy attachment of the tachometer under test.

With a simple menu-driven interface, or the option to use an exteranl PC control program the Martech 17074-1 Tachometer Tester is very easy to operate and incorporates a precision controlled servo motor with constant rotational speed feedback for precise and reliable operation.

Compatible with all major aircraft tachometer hardwear, the model 17074-1 Tachometer Tester can be customised to test other tachometers.

Download Martech Tachometer Tester Datasheet






Key Features:

  • 250 to 6,000 RPM Actual Drive Speed
  • Up to 12,000 RPM (optional)
  • Programmable speed profiles via PC
  • ±1 RPM accuracy of digital display
  • High maximum torque: 0.88Nm/125 oz-in
  • Direct drive
  • Simple 5-key user interface with LCD display
  • Field upgradable firmware
  • CE approved

Compatible Manufacturer Information NSN 6680-00-585-1503

Part Nos. 22A524, 22A554, 22A623, 22A703, 22A740, 002, 32005-002, 32005-005, 32005-007, 670764-103, 908799CI, 908799C1, AF AVIONICS S/P IL, AG34, AG44, GEU-7/A, GEU7/A, MIL-PRF-26611, MILG26611, GEU7A, HE468-5001-0001, SE6M50HA79.

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