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Martech makes first deliveries of new Fire Sprinkler Watchdog

Tests that the pump in your Fire Safety System is still in working order.

Portland, Dorset, UK.  April 16th 2014. Coda Octopus Martech Ltd. (Martech) announced today the delivery of the first batch of Fire Sprinkler Watchdogs to Domestic Sprinklers PLC.

Under new Building Regulations in England & Wales new residential blocks over 30m high must be fitted with domestic sprinklers that meet the standards specified under these Regulations. Similarly an undivided area in a shop or self-storage building over 2000 square meters now requires sprinkler protection.

Like most emergency systems we need them to operate reliably when required, but for all the rest of the time they go largely unnoticed.

Coda Octopus Martech has now designed and produced a product that gives that peace of mind with domestic or commercial sprinkler systems.

The Martech Fire Sprinkler Watchdog will periodically check the operation of the pump in sprinkler systems and sound an audible alarm in the event of malfunction.

Martech has received its first order for 300 of these sprinklers from Domestic Sprinklers PLC.

Colin Taylor of Domestic Sprinklers said “The Martech Fire Sprinkler Watchdog gives our customers a fool proof way of knowing that their sprinkler system is functioning and operational.  We have over 4000 customers and last month we started retrofitting this device in all their systems.”

Paul Baxter Managing Director of Martech said “Coda Octopus Martech are proud to bring the Fire Sprinkler Watchdog to the market. We are currently working with potential partners to help us make this innovative product available internationally”

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