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Martech Delivers "Extreme" Pan & Tilt Unit

Martech recently delivered the first of the new extreme precision, high load Pan & Tilt units.

Designed and built for our sister company, CodaOctopus Products, to integrate seamlessly with their real time 3D Echoscope® sonar, the P&T unit delivers up to 94Nm torque, uses low backlash gear boxes & precision encoders & will accurately position up to 25kg in dynamic environments with high hydrodynamic forces to depths of 3000m.

94Nm peak torque
10° per sec
±180° or continuous rotation
Programmable hard or soft stops
0.5° or 0.05° backlash options
Precision absolute encoder (0.025°)
Zero power position holding to 200Nm
3000m rated option
Ethernet & serial ports
24vdc, 2.5A per axis when moving
Single axis option.